Power Quality Monitoring: Market Landscape Assessment

Authors: Dhruv Jain, Suparna Havelia                                           Get the complete PDF version here     What is Power Quality?India is on the verge of becoming an energy surplus state with respect to per capita demand and peak demand. However, this reality is not bereft of certain electricity issues which require immediate attention. Some »

Greening Nalanda University

Nalanda University is a heritage world-class institutional hub, which offers a superlative educational experience, in a sustainable environment. GreenTree Global has helped Nalanda University's Master Plan achieve 5 Star rating from GRIHA and also the status of a net zero energy campus. »

IOCL R&D Campus - 1

The IOCL R&D Campus-1 in Faridabad, Gurugram, is one such fine example of green design and stellar energy-efficient outfits and water-efficient measures. GreenTree Global has helped the project in its pursuit of attaining Platinum Rating by IGBC Green Parks – Existing Campus. »

Green Buildings Market Development Status

Authors: Suparna Havelia , Anurag Bajpai, Dhruv Jain                                          Get the complete PDF version here About 50% of the commercial building stock is yet to be built by 2030 [BEE, India]and close to 20 million urban and 10 million rural residential buildings for housing increasing population are yet to be built »

Sustainable Living Development for the Health Workforce

Residential Complex, AIIMS Jhajjar provides better environment and sense of belongings to nature, saves energy by providing natural cooling effect, reduce heat island effect. The Project also generates its own energy and increases biodiversity through landscape design. »

Sustainable Homes & Offices: Indian Railways

Indian Railways (IR) is one of the world’s largest rail networks, spread over 68,400 route km. IR is the lifeline of the country carrying nearly 23 million passengers every day making it the largest passenger carrying system in the world. It is also the 4th largest freight transporter »

Catching Them Young

We witnessed the initiative of the Uttar Pradesh government about energy awareness in schools at various urban and rural locations. GreenTree Global has dynamically executed this impactful program. »