By - Dhruv Jain, Pradeep Kumar, Anurag Bajpai, Koustav Sadhukhan, Srijani Hazra, Harsh Srivastav, Alarka Pal, Shardul Chauhan

As a signatory to the COP-26 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC), India has pledged its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals-2030(SDG-2030) Agenda.

Out of the 17 ambitious goals under SDG-2030, Energy Sustainability happens to the obvious starting point, owing to its scope of feasibility.

As such, Energy-Efficiency/Renewable Energy plays an outsized role in the whole scheme. It presents itself as an expansive niche that extends itself to all the other fields deemed vital to attain the SDGs.

Apart from attaining SDGs, Energy Security is a hot topic given the sustained disruptions in Global supply-chains & disturbances of the like.

To leverage India's domestic Energy industry, focus on Energy-Efficiency/Renewable Energy, beginning with the Industry sector, is indispensable without question. The challenges, however, occur at the grassroots levels of implementation. It's such grinding challenges of encouraging adoption of Energy-Efficiency/Renewable Energy Technologies en masse & at the lowest levels so as to enable them to propel themselves in the long run that the Mission & Vision of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) falls in.

BEE, an agency under Govt. of India's Ministry of Power, is the Apex body tasked with implementing this arduous mission. As part of its renewed push to encourage the adoption &/or scaling-up of Energy-Efficiency/Renewable

Energy Technologies, the BEE has recently teamed up with GreenTree Building Energy Pvt. Ltd., to execute the most challenging parts of its Campaign.

Given GreenTree's Experience, Network , Expertise & Profile in the field, it's a fitting assignment, both for GreenTree to accept & for the BEE to grant authorization of.

The campaign calls for conducting 2 series of facilitating programs- A series of Banking Workshops, followed by a series of B2B Exhibitions. The entire affair is sponsored & conducted under the aegis of GEF-UNIDO-BEE, and will go down as one of the most prestigious projects to have ever been taken up by GreenTree.

The Banking Workshops are aimed at bringing the Banks/Financial Institutions & MSMEs at the same page, and facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between these 2 stakeholders. This is also a step of familiarizing with the key stakeholders of a new Industrial cluster in question.

As a succeeding campaign, the B2B Exhibitions are more extensive & are meant to facilitate Industry-vendor Interactions by means of propagating widespread adoption of Energy-Efficiency/Renewable Energy Technologies. As such, the vendors of such Products/services are hand-picked for the purpose, as are the specific Industrial Clusters.

The program is an ongoing affair & progress is expected to continue until late September, 2022. Hence, stay tuned for upcoming updates.