Watching breaking ice sheets
Photo by Roxanne Desgagnés / Unsplash

Climate change is a fact of today's life, and we all need to sit up  and take note. In fact taking note is no longer enough, we need to take  action in whatever capacity we may. Which is why at GreenTree, "Sustainable Design; Green Energy; Clean Technology" are not mere buzzwords but concepts we live by. We help design  buildings, processes and systems that promote and leverage these  concepts.

Yet it doesn't feel enough. Unfortunately, even today, these concepts  are not part of the common discourse in India. Terms like  sustainability, alternative energy, carbon footprint etc are still too  niche for the common man. Something they have no real context for.  Something that feels too dry, too removed from reality.

In such a scenario, The GreenTree Journal aims to be more  than the typical business/corporate blog. In addition to organisation  level updates, we'll also share news, analysis, reviews, case studies  etc. that our readers may find interesting and relevant.

We hope our readers can find something that inspires them and can  make them think about this often ignored but very important issue.