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10th year of operations : Founder Interviews

Greentree celebrated turning 9 a few months back. 2018 will thus be its 10th year of operations. We decided to interview the founders Anurag Bajpai and Dhruv Jain Q : We celebrated GreenTree's 9 years of operations in Janurary 2018. What thoughts and feelings come to mind? Honestly it doesn’t »

Indoor Air Quality : Introduction and Solutions

Impact of air pollution As per a 2017 report by World Health Organization (WHO), environmental pollution can be held responsible for more than 1 in 4 deaths in children under the age of five years.This is something each of us should be thinking about very seriously. Talking specifically about »

Electric Vehicles : Towards a Greener Future

Co-Author Credits : Aseem Goyal Electric Cars are becoming a reality sooner than later. They’ll soon be seen on the roads near you, and that will spell the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine (ICE). Electric Vehicles (EVs) are undoubtedly the next big things that are going »

Rain & Stormwater Management

Recently every monsoon leaves us concerned about the flood situation in the country. With every year, a larger part of the country seems to be affected by the danger of floods. The recent Mumbai floods prove that even the supposedly well planned metro cities are not flood-proof. Additionally, cities like »

DEVap : Ultra Efficient Passive Cooling

Air-conditioning systems typically consume the primary share (roughly 40 to 60%) of the total energy consumed by a building/facility. AC systems can use active cooling technologies like active vapor compression and vapor absorption. Passive AC systems use the basic technique of evaporative cooling. These technologies are limited by the »

Cool Roof Technology

Cool Roofs is a green building technology that is especially suited to the climate of the India. It is a relatively cheap option with substantial benefits. Yet you may not be familiar with what exactly the term means :) So let’s give you a quick primer on Cool Roof Technology »

Climate Change Basics

We’ll be posting a series of posts covering the frequently asked questions regarding climate change. Splitting these questions into multiple posts allows us to focus on providing answers that will hopefully make the topic more accessible. Only by understanding what climate change is, and how it affects us, can »


Climate change is a fact of today's life, and we all need to sit up and take note. In fact taking note is no longer enough, we need to take action in whatever capacity we may. Which is why at GreenTree, "Sustainable Design; Green Energy; Clean Technology" are not mere »