Air-conditioning systems typically consume the primary share (roughly 40 to 60%) of the total energy consumed by a building/facility.

AC systems can use active cooling technologies like active vapor compression and vapor absorption. Passive AC systems use the basic technique of evaporative cooling. These technologies are limited by the humidity levels they operate in, so though they are able to cool the air almost till the dew point temperature, they cannot dehumidify. Thus they are suitable in arid and semi arid climate conditions.

However techniques like desiccant enhanced evaporative methods have been developed that are also able to draw out the humidity in the ambient air, thus improving comfort levels.

Mr Vamshi Ranga and Ar Anurag Bajpai from GreenTree team, have recently written a short technical explanatory article on Desiccant Enhanced Evaporative Cooling (DEVap). We are happy to make this freely available for reference.