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  Article by - Shilpa TM, Jeyaraj K, Nidhi Khosla, Devanand,
                                               Suparna Havelia, Anurag Bajpai

“Starting point is not design, the starting point is sustainability" Stella McCartney

The Convention and Habitat Centre is not just a mass gathering place to share common interests, but also that shares the identity and fundamental beliefs of a destination. With India's commitment to sustainability and inclusiveness, there is no better way to demonstrate than to develop a hub as tangible evidence.

The Noida Convention and Habitat Centre developed by Noida Authority and designed by Nirman Consultants, CESPL & GreenTree Global are forging together to prove this commitment by aspiring for the Gold Rating from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for New Building.

GreenTree Global, with its headquarters based in Noida, has over 12 years of experience in terms of providing assistance and support to projects with the sole objective to achieve low carbon and energy efficient development.

The green concepts and techniques in the building sector can help address national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel use for commuting, handling of consumer waste and conserving natural resources.

NCHC, located in Sector 94, Noida have a total site area of 20 Acres which is divided into 75% built up area and rest left for landscape and vegetation.  The reduced vegetation is covered through Green Roofs for the building complex.

Along with the allotment of spaces for Socio – Cultural events, exhibitions and Conferences, the complex also facilitates with amenities such as Restaurants, Food courts, Retail Outlets, Gymnasium and Pool keeping the Universal design concept in mind.

NCHC has taken ASHRAE as the benchmark for the building envelope such as RCC roof with polystyrene insulation, walls constructed with ACC blocks and fenestration that ensures the heat resistivity, thermal comfort for the occupants as per composite climate.

In order to compact the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, the project has taken special cares in terms of applying Solar Reflective Index (SRI) paints to reduce the absorption of direct sunlight over the roofs and providing 80% basement parking.

The project ensures proper segregation of wastes, providing 5 Multi colored bins each for Wet, Dry, E-wastes, Paper and batteries. Other initiatives are – Turning organic wastes into compost through Onsite Organic Waste Composter Machine (OWC) turning at least 225 kg’s of organic waste every day.

The developing team diverts 75% of debris created during the construction from landfills for Reuse and Recycling purposes and use recycled materials  such as 24% steel, PCC cement 25%, Glass 18% and false ceiling 100% for construction of the building.

Water Efficient strategies such as water efficient plumbing fixtures, drip irrigation system for landscape, 100% water will be recycled using STP for 750 Kilo Liters/day (KLD).

Rainwater Harvesting system is installed with a capacity to store 31.51 cu meter during the monsoon time along with 7 recharge pits.

Water meters are installed in the complex in order to monitor and evaluate the amount of water usage for the activates such as municipal water supply, water consumption for landscape requirements,  water consumption for flush and for bore wells.

Energy Efficient LED lights, BEE certified electronic equipment's are used along with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system for the HVAC system, that helps in adjusting the speed and cooling intensity of a room as per the occupants comfort level.

On site renewable energy is encouraged through the installation of solar panels with a capacity of 480KW that caters 8% of the total energy consumed in the project.

Other green strategies under taken in the project are CO2 monitoring , use of Low VOC emitting materials such as in paints,  No smoking signage’s, installing of Air filters of MERC value of 13 as per BEE/ ECBC norms.

Noida Authority’s NCHC project is a source of inspiration for other similar buildings in Noida region to help them have a greater impact, not just for this generation but for all future generations to come and GreenTree Global is proud to serve and guide such projects.