Authors : Shilpa TM, Raj Verma, Priyanka Khanna, Anurag Bajpai, Suparna Havelia

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Have you ever wondered how our trains transport goods and services so effectively and efficiently while covering 1,23,236 km’s(78,520 miles) each day without causing any major clashes and mix-ups among themselves? 23 million daily commutes and 3 million tonnes of freight are transported between 7,349 stations every day, all under the single management of Indian Railways(IR)! But this management would collapse without the help of their complementary buildings such as the Rolling Stock Workshop.

GreenCo rating system initiated by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) motivates companies to tread the path towards ecologically sustainable business growth, improving core viable goals such as Energy Efficiency, Water conservation, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Material Conservation and recycling, Green Supply Chain, Green House Gases Reduction, Product Stewardship, Life Cycle Aspects, and Innovations.  Rolling Stock Workshop, Charbagh, Lucknow succeeded in such commencement with the support and assistance of GreenTree Global and attained GreenCo Gold Plaque by improving the overall performance of the building. Please read the complete cases study: Get the complete PDF version here  

GreenTree Global, a pioneer in the field of sustainability, focuses on the environmental cost of using energy, i.e. CO2 emissions, to highlight the problem areas and pave the way for corrective actions to be taken. Its resourcefulness and diverse experience uplift each project it collaborates with and enhances the complete process performance through careful and strategical implementations of the green measures.  Their technical advice helps in attaining green certification, carbon-neutrality, and net-zero energy buildings through assessment and reporting. GreenTree is a BEE empanelled consultant for Net Zero Energy Building design; please connect [email protected] for more details.