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One of our key achievements in FY20 was the successful completion of Consulting Assignment for Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd. (MRVC Ltd) which is a PSU of Govt. of India under Ministry of Railways. The objective of the assignment was to measure the Sustainability performance of the existing Suburban Network of Mumbai & identify suitable measures to bring them on-par with Green Certified Stations. Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) ‘Green Existing Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)’ rating system was used as the reference standard for carrying out the Sustainability Assessment.

For the purpose of this study, a representative set of 15 existing suburban at-grade stations across three railway lines was chosen; namely Western Line (Bandra to Andheri), Central Line (Sion to Ghatkopar) & Harbour Line (Vashi to Belapur).

One of the key pre-requirements for the study was establishment of a clear site boundary for identifying the facilities to be evaluated as per the rating system. The list of Railway facilities included in the scope of this assessment is as under:

  1. Station building, ancillary facilities, parking, hardscape / Soft scape area around station, etc.
  2. Property development areas within station (the property development areas outside and above stations are excluded from the scope).

The threshold criteria for Ratingcertification levels are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Threshold limits for IGBC Green Existing MRTS certification levels
It may be noted that achieving the Rating for any station or MRTS network was not in the scope of the current study. However, the requirements to achieve the Platinum level rating has been considered as the bottom line to develop the sustainability roadmap for each station and the MRTS network.

With an intent to achieve Platinum Rating, the project team carried out gap analysis targeting 88 points out of 90 points as per IGBC MRTS. In Figure 2, the credits marked bold with ‘(M)’ written besides it are mandatory and remaining are prescriptive credits.

Figure 2: Mandatory and Prescriptive Credits in IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating System

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