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Sustainable Homes & Offices: Indian Railways

Indian Railways (IR) is one of the world’s largest rail networks, spread over 68,400 route km. IR is the lifeline of the country carrying nearly 23 million passengers every day making it the largest passenger carrying system in the world. It is also the 4th largest freight transporter »

External Wind Flow Pattern in Three Dimensional Space

Co-Author Credits : Nidhi Khosla & Sahil Priyadarshi CFD Analysis : Mohit Waldia & Vertika Pandey Graphics : Arushee Pattnaik Earth is the beautiful planet which constitute several million species of life and also the abundant resources that it has within. Out of all of them; air, water and sunlight are the three major components »

Electric Vehicles : Towards a Greener Future

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are undoubtedly the next big things that are going to change the face of the automobile industry. This in fact, is a very welcome trend, as EVs have multifarious advantages over internal combustion engine vehicles. »

Cool Roof Technology

Cool Roofs is a green building technology that is  especially suited to the climate of the India. It is a relatively cheap option with substantial benefits. Yet you may not be familiar with what the term exactly means. So let’s give you a quick primer on Cool Roof  Technology »