Authors : Shilpa TM, Arushee Pattnaik Anurag Bajpai, Suparna Havelia

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Green interior design focuses on improving the overall performance of the space integrating indoor air quality, water conservation, energy efficiency, and well being of the occupants which alleviate the impact on the environment. GreenTree Global with the key intentions of creating the most dynamic yet healthy spaces for its occupants has led this company to become one of the pioneers in the field of Sustainability. Through sustained efforts and eventual success, GreenTree along with DNOVA Infracon Pvt Ltd was able to bag a great victory by achieving an IGBC Green Interiors Platinum plaque.

DNOVA Infracon Pvt. Ltd.  and Builten are known to have successfully completed green interior services for various projects. It involves thoughtful design with an ec0-friendly approach in terms of energy-efficiency, water conservation, green material use, etc. This project, in fact, paves way for DNOVA Infracon and Builten to pursue similar projects and aid in a holistic development of interior spaces.

What is even more interesting is that the respective sustainability and technical heads of these companies are all IIT-Roorkee alumni, which goes on to show their belief and commitment towards their collective dreams for a green future.

GreenTree, DNOVA and Builten's  joint inventiveness boosts the overall building performance through careful design decisions and executions for WheelsEye Technology India Private Limited, Gurugram, Haryana. GreenTree Global is a top green consultancy firm headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

GreenTree Global is working with various stakeholders in helping them attain green certification, carbon-neutrality, and net-zero energy buildings through assessment and reporting (GreenTree is a BEE empanelled for providing Technical Consultancy for converting existing buildings to Net Zero Energy Buildings), and consultancy inbuilding energy efficiency and infrastructure development projects.