At the core of what we do is the idea to create healthier spaces with minimal environmental impact. Our approach focuses on the environmental cost of using energy, i.e. CO2 emissions, to highlight the problem areas and pave the way for corrective action to be taken. In each of our projects, whether in Green Building Design or Value Engineering, we are always driven by the need to create the most energy efficient system as the final result.

About GreenTree

Our Services

GreenTree Global provides various solutions centered around the concept of energy efficiency and design. This includes Green Building Services, Energy Performance Optimisation, Research and Advisory Services, Smart Metering and AI Solutions.

An appreciable number of our clients require very custom solutions which can include elements of System Commissioning, Project Development & Coordination, ESCO Implementation & Performance Contracting (LED & Chiller replacement) and many more. We excel at providing such custom solutions and have a deep expertise on the same.

Headquartered in Noida, India and founded in 2009, GreenTree Global is one of the country’s most well respected companies in this domain. We have executed over 250 projects in India, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Nepal, South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam. These projects have varied in terms of type of work, degree of complexity, degree of customization needed, support requirements etc.

In summary:
  • 50+ people across 4 locations
  • A strong industry and professional network
  • Offices in NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai and Dhaka

Best Practices

Every project we undertake is funnelled into an extremely thorough and efficient process. This ensures that all custom requirements, project timelines, and deliverables are kept on track.

The first step of a project is always in depth consultation with the client . This allows us to accurately
a. Identify the problem b. Identify project scope c. Gather requirements

Based on client consultations, our in house project management experts formulate a customized solution keeping in mind various aspects of planning such as
a. Strategy b. Design c. Feasibility d. Special requirements
This allows us to decide on deliverables, predict timelines, payment schedules & assign key team members to the project with a high degree of confidence.

Excellence is our goal as we start executing a project. The project execution phase can include things like site visits, plans & layout designs, energy consumption assessment, facilitation with gaining energy ratings, providing consultations on highly niche topics, preparing educational materials, reports etc depending on the project involved.

At every important checkpoint in project execution, our team solicits feedback and incorporates it into the execution process & schedule. This also allows us to adjust to external factors in an agile manner with the least amount of disruption for ourselves as well as the client.

All projects go through a rigorous quality check for any unforeseen issues before being handed over to the client.

The project handover is accomplished in a smooth manner. Any subsequent queries or required support is handled promptly. A happy client and an excellent project is our aim with every project completion.