Smart Metering & AI Solutions

GreenTree Energy Metering Solution

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A Simple plug & play device which gives real time energy consumption information at your finger tips. It also helps the users to detect theft and misuses of electricity

The salient features of our metering solution are,

  • Keep an eye on your Electricity Bills
  • Suggest you overall savings
  • Helps you to keep a track of your daily energy consumption
  • Appliance-wise break-up ofelectricity bill
  • User Alerts on unusual energy consumption trends

Our Offerings (Commercial / Residential)

Smart meter with Integrated IoT

Our Smart meter with integrated IoTcan double up as tariff meter (prepaid) and also send real time consumption information on your mobile phone

IoT Modules for Smart meters

For users with existing Smart Meters, our low cost IoT modules pick up the data from meter & relay it over cloud. The real time feed on web/mobile helps you track consumption & detect thefts

Prepaid Energy Meter & Billing Solution

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As a part of our integrated offering for Energy Management, we also provide Energy Metering & IoT solutions to Telecom, Infrastructure & Residential customers. Our specially built dual source prepaid metering solution for residential customers allows users to monitor their energy consumption on the go and recharge it using our mobile application.

The salient features of our metering solution are,

  • Identification of grid (main) vs backup (auxiliary) power supply and correspondingly applied tariff rates
  • State of the art anti-tampering features
  • Auxiliary supply’s data through Signal Injector
  • Happy Hours features- Cut off power function once credit is exhausted
  • Low credit alarm and credit overdue functions
  • Flexible tariff rates (8 configurable tariff registers, ToU & step load tariff available)
  • Partial Load balancing