Skill Development

Energy and Sustainability Skill Development Program and Certification

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As India’s paces towards economic transformation, it also stands committed to its sustainability vision. It would be a daunting challenge, though, to meet the country’s US$ 5 Tn economy target while keeping its contribution to climate change in check. Energy Efficiency (EE), thus, will play a pivotal role in helping meet India its developmental goals, especially under severe resource and environmental constraints that India faces today.

“Lack of technical and managerial skills to remain one of the key barriers for EE growth in India (BEE, UNDP, 2015)”

Program Overview

GreenTree Energy and Sustainability Skill Development Program envision to bridge the technical and managerial capacity gap and develop professionals able enough to integrate energy efficiency and sustainability across different domains and business verticals. The program includes:

  • GreenTree Student Development Program (SDP) (maybe separate links)
  • GreenTree Professional Development Program (PDP)

Greentree Student Development Program (SDP)

Designed with meticulous research by practitioners, the program has been designed to equip engineering and architecture students with skills to make them market-ready for the energy sector.

GreenTree Professional Development Program (PDP)

GreenTree Professional Development Program not only allows employees to up-skilling for the energy efficiency and sustainability needs but also improve the overall employee productivity by imparting the just-right practical knowledge to meet the broader business objectives of the organization.